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With the complexity and frequency of changes occurring in the business and financial world, everyone needs knowledgeable, professional help. Not only is it important to stay on track with spending and legal requirements, it’s important to be efficient with your resources. We can help.

At Aaronson Lavoie Streitfeld Diaz & Co., P.C., we have been serving individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations for nearly thirty years as accountants, business consultants and financial advisers. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our tradition of offering high quality services at reasonable cost, traits for which our firm has become recognized in the region.

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Celebrating Social

There is a new wave afoot in the land; “Social enterprise.” Phrases like “double bottom line and triple bottom line.” Business entities like “B Corp” and “L3C.” What’s all the fuss? Social enterprises typically offer an altruistic form of entrepreneurship that address a societal need while providing a service or selling a product. These “social
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

What’s New in Social Security for 2016? More than You Think

I wrote this piece for , where you can read the entire article. Elder Resources is a network of professionals, including ALSD founding partner Michael Aaronson, who provide services to seniors and their families. “Congress quietly enacted a major change to Social Security. No one’s current benefits are affected, but the potential for higher
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In Our Own Words

Who We Are. What We Do. In Our Own Words. See the video.

Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Frequently Asked Questions:
Demystifying S-Corp Distributions

Q: How do we take distributions from our S-Corp? –Sol Sagan, Billions and Billions of Stars, Inc, Scituate A: Structured properly, distributions from an S-Corp can save the owners thousands of dollars annually in payroll taxes. How? Distributions are profits remitted directly from the company to the owners without going through payroll, therefore not subject
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