Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Business Basics with Rich Streitfeld
Video Webinar

From a presentation at Social Enterprise Greenhouse  

Business Basics for Startups

The enclosed slides are from a webinar Rich Streitfeld delivered for Social Enterprise Greenhouse on May 6, 2015. In it he outlines some of the issues to consider when starting out on your own. We thought it would be useful to share.  

Zen Mensch Accounting

Making A Living As An Artist
(Starvation is NOT an Option)

Q: I’ve never made a dime even though my art hangs in all the major museums. Now I am told the tax people could reclassify my activity as a hobby? –P. Picasso, penniless in Paris A: Well monsieur, I cannot speak for how the socialist French tax their artists. In the United States there is
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Stay In Your Groove
(Keeping Records Without Going Off Track )

Q: How long should I keep tax records? B. Madoff, investor A: In general it’s advisable to save documentation supporting your tax return for seven years. The IRS generally has three years from the date of filing to audit your return, but up to seven if it suspects you under-reported your income. If you didn’t
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