Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

You are Not A-Loan
DEBT, Debt, debt, DONE!
(as in Beethoven’s Fifth)

You know the story. Student loan debt, well over 1 trillion dollars, exceeds credit card debt and is crippling graduates — and in turn, the whole economy. I had a pediatrician in my office who was making well over six figures, owes $300,000 on her student debt and yet Sarah cannot deduct a dime of
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Best of the Mensch
Financial Tips you may have Missed

Q: I landed a new job in sales and upgraded my wardrobe. Can I deduct the expenses? –Taylor Slow A: Nope — the tax code can be magnanimous but these are purely personal expenses. You also cannot deduct perfume, lipstick, lip balm, an electronic toothbrush or your coconut-lime shaving cream. (Okay, lipstick if it is
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ALSD CPA Guest Author Kevin Worthley

Divorce Finance: What You Don’t Know Can Be Costly

Divorce is a painful subject for all parties, and the complexities of a financial separation can be daunting.  In this article, Certified Financial Planner™ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Kevin Worthley points out some of the lesser known implications of a divorce settlement.  One of the partners read this article and commented, “I wish I
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ALSD Guest Author Larson Gunnes

The Case For Optimism

When thinking about financial planning, it’s important to consider the long-term.  What plans should be put in place in order to prepare for the future?  For financial advisor Larson Gunness a central question is this: are we optimistic or fearful of the future?  In typical original fashion, his article looks at the urgent global issues of our
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