Marina Darlow

What to Automate FIRST to Keep Your Sanity

  Being creative. This is my favorite state of mind, and probably one of the bigger reasons I have my own business. As a creative person working for myself, I’ve experienced more than a few moments when stuff gets… chaotic. Can you relate? “I’m an entrepreneur, I’m wearing many hats!” “I’m sleeping less than a
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Don’t Be Stupid Keep
Your Business Filings Current

Q: “Why did the State revoke my charter? #$???!! –Cursed in Cranston (Rhode Island) A: Incorporation and organization (the rough equivalent of incorporation for LLC’s)  are established under the auspices of state government. As such, your entities must generally file reports and pay fees, usually annually and to the Secretary of (your) State, to remain in “good
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Business Basics with Rich Streitfeld
Video Webinar

From a presentation at Social Enterprise Greenhouse  

Business Basics for Startups

The enclosed slides are from a webinar Rich Streitfeld delivered for Social Enterprise Greenhouse on May 6, 2015. In it he outlines some of the issues to consider when starting out on your own. We thought it would be useful to share.  

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