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Breaking Up is Hard, Says Jew
How to Dissolve Your Marriage,
Not Your Financial Security

Divorce can be traumatizing.  Not always, but even in the most amicable situations separation is a nuisance. Yes, this is how I spent my summer vacation. Think you’re done once you’ve had her beheaded, Henry (VIII)? Review the beneficiaries on your retirement accounts. Do you still want your ex on them? You might. Be sure to rummage through your
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Back to School Edition
(Get Schooled By The Zen Mensch)

Q: How can I save for Molly’s college AND my retirement ? –Yale Mary, No Haven, CT A: Most of us cannot. It helps if you marry young, have two stellar jobs with pensions, produce 1.7 genetically modified children with perfect grades, and have an inheritance from Granny. Even then, it’s virtually impossible to guarantee
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Zen Mensch Accounting

A Midsummer Night’s Mensch
(Much Ado About Some Things)

Q: I file the IRS 990 information return for my non-profit.  Why does it ask me if my organization offers indoor tanning services? –Sunshine on my Mind, Anchorage A: It’s Obamacare, silly.  Section 10907 of the Affordable Care Act imposes a 10% penalty on indoor tanning services offered by for-profits or non-profits. (You didn’t notice all the
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Zen Mensch Accounting

Not For Prophet:
Protect Your Mission With Best Practices

I love non-profits: the missions, dedication and eagerness to be of service.  Now you didn’t sign up as Executive Director to practice your accounting or legal skills, but without basic structure and controls the fruits of your labor can be washed away quickly.  The names and details have been changed in these examples: Years ago
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