Aaronson Lavoie Streitfeld Diaz and Company is a professional firm with a very human approach. We are diligent yet accessible as well. We are not the stodgy accountants you may be used to, or fear.

Michael Aaronson started Aaronson and Associates in Providence in 1983. Until the dawn of the 21st century we were situated on the third floor of his Princeton Avenue residence. Michael’s background in managing and servicing non-profits (he was three-time national president of Accountants for the Public Interest) served the firm well and it quickly established a foothold in the community for a full array of tax and business services.
ALSD Staff
By 2000 the firm had grown substantially, Michael had taken on partners and we had to abandon his elegant residence. Space was short. As befitting the phrase ‘death and taxes’ we relocated to a former funeral home in the Edgewood section of Cranston. There are no ghosts, but the organ survives.

Today ALSD is a staff of sixteen, two floors and a full-service bookkeeping division (Balancing Act). Our clientele encompasses over 150 non-profits and nearly 1000 individuals and for-profit businesses, mostly in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. We can audit your non-profit, minimize your
taxes, incorporate you and advise you on retirement and investments.

Our goal is to help you prosper, grow and stay compliant. Taxes, audits and related services can be stressful to clients. We cannot promise you will love the process but hope that quality and engaged service at a reasonable price will provide you with some peace of mind.