Remembrance of Things Past


I’ve done over thirty issues of Enlightened Accounting, covering an array of topics. I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the topics I’ve addressed and link them to the appropriate articles.


Spousal Protection Programs
Did you lose your refund because of Charles’ student loans? There may be hope.

Tax Tips for Divorcing Couples
The divorce agreement is not sacrosanct if there is a custody dispute.

How to Dissolve your Marriage, not your Financial Security
Does your ex-have life insurance? What will substitute for child support if he goes sky diving and it doesn’t work out?


Don’t Flub your Business Structure
S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC…– How to Choose?

Avoiding Business Missteps with Friends
Going into business together can enhance or destroy your relationships.

Business Basics Webinar (with Rich)
My video on the subject.


Leverage your Child
Did you know there were tax breaks for summer camp?

Back to School Edition
How do I fund both retirement and college?

Retirement Carpentry
Getting started, even with a little.

Student Loans
Options and resources amid the morass.


Is Sex Therapy Tax Deductible?
The Medical Deductions Quiz.

Fashion, Charity and Death
Your Tax Questions Answered

The Hazards of Late Filing
I filed an extension, and still got charged interest and penalties. Why?


Making a Living as an Artist
Interviews with Picasso, Beethoven and Dostoyevsky

Keeping Records
Interviews with Madoff, Ponzi, Cianci


Best Practices for Non-Profits

Embezzlement Made Easy


A poem by my 14 year old son, Malcolm, originally performed at Everett’s “Open Stage” in Providence:

Ode to My Imagination

My head is like the workshop of a Victorian watchmaker.

Unwanted ideas are thrown outside, lost forever and never to return. Gears are constantly turning. They produce new inventions by joining together memories and thoughts.

Their similarities make them link together, like several clockwork pieces moving.  Every new world forms a book filled with maps, legends and strange creatures.

Sometimes I sit in an old rocking chair and listen to the crackling furnace as I read peacefully.

And as I read, I fall asleep while the drawings walk off the pages and the words turn into objects, made of pale black ink. When I wake,the workshop is gone.

And as I walk, the workshop is filled with color and springs to life before my very eyes. Creatures gather around me, as I am their creator and they love me, not as a master, but as a friend.

Eventually I come across that same rocking chair and I sit down and drift off to sleep, my hand resting on the head of a beast.

Then I awake to the crackle of the furnace, as animals become drawings and objects turn back to words.

Because you asked. And by all means, keep asking.

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