Tax Client Checklist “What do I bring?”

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The Basics

Prior Year

  • A copy of last year’s federal and state tax returns, if you’re a new client


  • W-2 statements of employment earnings
  • 1099-MISC statements of freelance earnings
  • Self-employment summary of all your earnings, whether on a 1099 or not


  • Investment statements (1099’s) reporting capital gain/loss, interest, dividends
  • Gain or loss for investment accounts privately traded

Other Income

  • “K-1” statements of “pass-through” profit and loss
  • Summary of rental income
  • 1099-R for retirement plan distributions
  • SSA-1099 for Social Security earnings

Tax Payments

  • Dates and amounts of any estimated taxes paid

Itemized Deductions

  • 1098 forms you receive from your mortgage company
  • Real estate taxes paid directly to your city or town during the year
  • Auto excise taxes paid during the year
  • Summary of charitable donations, including non-cash donations (like Salvation Army)

Education Deductions

  • 1098-T for tuition
  • Student loan interest statement
  • RI residents: Amount of contributions to State 529 college savings plan

Rental Deductions

  • 1098 mortgage forms
  • Other expenses summarized by category

Self Employed Deductions

  • Business mileage and ending odometer reading
  • Other business expenses by category
  • Health insurance paid for employees

Other Deductions

  • Energy efficiency improvements to your personal residence
  • Health insurance paid personally
  • Daycare and summer camp expense for children who were under age 13
  • Non-reimbursed employee expenses, including business mileage and ending odometer reading if you use your vehicle for your employer and don’t get reimbursed


  • Birthdates and socials of all family members
  • Traditional IRA contributions made for 2013
  • Health Savings Account contributions made for 2013
  • RI residents: Contact information for your landlord if your household income was less than $30,000
  • Mass residents: 1099-HC for health insurance

This list is an outline and not a comprehensive list. Bring any questions and additional documents to your tax appointment.

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