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With the complexity and frequency of changes occurring in the business and financial world, everyone needs knowledgeable, professional help. Not only is it important to stay on track with spending and legal requirements, it’s important to be efficient with your resources. We can help.

At Aaronson Lavoie Streitfeld Diaz & Co., P.C., we have been serving individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations for nearly thirty years as accountants, business consultants and financial advisers. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our tradition of offering high quality services at reasonable cost, traits for which our firm has become recognized in the region.

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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Frequently Asked Questions:
Demystifying S-Corp Distributions

Q: How do we take distributions from our S-Corp? –Sol Sagan, Billions and Billions of Stars, Inc, Scituate A: Structured properly, distributions from an S-Corp can save the owners thousands of dollars annually in payroll taxes. How? Distributions are profits remitted directly from the company to the owners without going through payroll, therefore not subject
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Richard Streitfeld – Buddhist Mensch

Zen and Now
A Few Best Practices for 2016

The beginning of the year is a good time to check your withholding allowances. Are you perpetually behind, or need more money in your paycheck? Remember that you can claim any filing status and number of exemptions on the W-4 for your regular withholding during the year. Read my article. Don’t rely on 1099’s to tabulate your income,
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Register Your New Rhode Island Business

Registering a New Business
in Rhode Island

  Here are the steps and links to forming a new (for-profit) business. We strongly advise you contact an advisor (an accountant or lawyer) to help you with the decisions and implementation. Decide on your legal structure – Corporation? LLC? Partnership? Decide on your tax structure – S Corporation? LLC taxed as a partnership? As
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Ed Drozda– Small Business Doctor

Small businesses are a lot like countries; they both need ambassadors. Did you think you’re too small for that? Not so fast. Even if business is booming why wouldn’t you want people looking out for you and spreading the word? After all, that’s what ambassadors do and if you don’t already have them it’s not so
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